Caller Name Talker V4.7.1 Apk and Download Old Version!

Caller Name Talker Apk will read out incoming caller name, SMS sender name and battery low alerts in your case. Not only that, Caller Name Talker can see Gmail, WhatsApp, IMO, Wechat, LINE and Telegraph app alerts too.

There is you don’t to look for your phone when you’re driving or busy doing something from the phone. Caller Name Talker may even read the entire message in your case. You are able to control the app using voice command too.

Using more than 9 Million Downloads, caller name talker may come as the right solution..!! Caller Name will come in greater than 10 languages, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese are supported currently.

Caller Name Talker uses the default Android text-to-speech engine to voice the caller. In case your mobile doesn’t have a pre-installed tect-to-speech engine, Caller Name Talker will redirect one to Google play to install exactly the same.

The applying could be customized the user requirements.

Caller Name Talker Apk

Version: 4.7.1

File Size: 2.09 MB

Developers: JZZ The I.T Solution, Pvt.Ltd



About Caller Name Talker Apk

Caller Name Talker Apk is syrely an amzing name announcer that gives high quality from the smooth and professional interface. Announcer name the caller speaks everything if somebody calls you or supplies you with a note, you’ll identify it without taking a look at your smartphone. Usually, you can’t identify a caller’s identify until you bring your self phone from your pocket, however, with caller name talker you don’t have to be worried about that anymore. Announcer name callers are extremely applicable in situations for example if you’re driving as well as your phone is within your wallet or someone supplies you with an SMS whenever your smartphone is writhin another room. Caller Announcer uses the default Android text-to-speech engine to state the specific caller who entered or even the name from the sender with the SMS and also the items in the SMS. The caller name speaker will immediately make use of the speakerphone to announce the name quickly and incredibly comfortable.

A few of the exceptional features provided by Caller Name Talker are ?

⊠ Announce customized alerts for contacts. Can mute alerts for selected numbers.
⊠ Possibilities to experience the caller name only when the caller name is within the contacts list.
⊠ Announces the SMS content.
⊠ Interactive SMS read choice to control SMS content reading with voice commands.
⊠ Option open to switching between languages based on the Text-to-Speech Engine inside your phone.
⊠ Possibilities open to pick Name types.
⊠ Adjust Volume – Use the ring volume or use a special volume set.
⊠ Switch off caller name alert feature, if Phone is within the silent mode.
⊠ Configure time interval to repeat playing caller name.
⊠ Shake your phone to prevent caller name alert, as the phone rings.
⊠ Customized message could be added pre and post the caller name. Eg:- John Doe Calling.
⊠ Customized message could be added after and before the SMS sender’s name. Eg:- SMS from John Doe.
⊠ Change voice speed and pitch settings.
⊠ Option open to testing current voice speed and pitch by utilizing custom message.

Attention DUAL SIM users: – This application work only for the default SIM of your phone. It may not work well when you receive call or SMS in second SIM. Please excuse me for the inconvenience. I will update the application as soon as I find out a solution for this.


Caller Name Talker ApkCaller Name Talker ApkCaller Name Talker ApkCaller Name Talker Apk


  1. Name Apk: Caller Name Talker
  2. Price: Free
  3. Version: 4.7.1
  4. Size: 2.09 MB
  5. Developers: JZZ The I.T Solution, Pvt.Ltd


  • Support Android Pie
  • Error correction

How To Install

To create the apk, you’ll want:

  • Apk File

Install Apk by yourself Android Phone

To start with, you need to install the apk yourself Android Phone. For doing that, simply proceed using steps below:

  1. Place the apk file within your phone’s SDcard of space for storage (preferably external SDcard).
  2. Browse your phone memory/external and tap for the apk file.
  3. Click Install.
  4. Wait for that Apk to provide is finished.
  5. Enjoy for your Apk to provide is finished.
  6. Enjoy employing this apk.

Old Version

Caller Name Talker V4.6.0

Caller Name Talker V4.5.1

Caller Name Talker V1.0.3

Caller Name Talker V1.0.2


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